My Darling, I’ll Forever Wait For You.

Very heart felt words in a deep poem that anyone who has ever wanted a child of their own can relate to.

Jennifer Calvert Author

This poem, lies close to my heart. Even as I write this, tears fall down my cheeks.

This is a part of me, an honest and true feeling of dealing with infertility and the heartbreak that comes with it.

To my daughter, my love.

I lie in waiting,
In hopeless sleep,
In nightmares and screams,
In tears and falling leaves,
In fear of never meeting you,
Of living my life without you,
I dream of your little fingers, wrapped in my own,
Of green eyes and blonde curls,
Talcum powder and milky breath,
And in my fear,
I forget myself,
I lose my way,
The days are always clouded,
The skies forever grey,
The rain drips down on my face,
In cold shallow wake,
And in all of this heartache and longing,
My heart I know is true,
You are my destiny,
Destined to be,
My darling, I’ll forever wait…

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Kissed someone

These are not my words but I wish they were. They are what I have felt. Remember to show love to the one that did write them.
Tony R

Of life she writes.

I kinda have a confession.

A confession that’s not really a confession since I don’t have anybody to confess it to.

It’s not a confession because I didn’t do anything wrong but at the same time I feel like I did.

And maybe confession isn’t the right word

Or admission.

Maybe there is no right word.

But It’s just something I’m compelled to say.

Something so on the top of my tongue that even if I wanted to, I couldn’t stop them from being said.

I kissed someone today.

And it wasn’t you.

I mean, hah, it could’ve been.

I wasn’t kissing you but I felt like I was.

Maybe just the first three seconds.

And then it hit me.


Kind of like a bucket of water, but It’s neither too hot or too cold but you still feel the wetness and uncomfortableness of sitting in the same clothes…

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Guys don’t miss this. It is a very interesting and talented poem.
Tony R


My name is Andrew Barber and I am an insomniac!

As a tired sun melts into an endless horizon and Azure skies are lost to fire – the fall of darkness brings peace to the noise of daily life. If only peace were enough to bring the relief of sleep.

I have seen the sun rise before my eyes have closed; the dawn chorus is my lullaby and not my morning call to rise. Were I a farmer I would milk the cows before going to my bed and breakfast is best served at noon.

Each night, the house and I, we talk. For the creek of a door and even the shrinking floor, all have voice. I turn and turn again, but the bed, once so soft, is now of rock – hard beneath my skin!

Softly and in whispers – the wind beckons to those who would defy…

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Recalling the past in beautiful prose

Be sure to check this out. It could be very interesting.
Tony R


tree-615663_640I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, and I think it will happen sooner than I anticipated. For many years, people that have gotten to know me, and learn that I had written over 500 poems in my teen and adolescent years, have often asked to read these sacred tomes. I always promised to type it up for them, as the originals are old and therefore I am terribly afraid they could get damaged.

Well, the time has come to do just that. I will be blowing the dust off the old volumes and be releasing in a
“re-mastered” edition, namely e-book. If I get enough interest from readers, I may decided to have it printed, but right now the market only seems to lean towards e-books.

My collection of poetry is mainly a diary, a journey through my early life, so it may give you more insight…

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Mauve Mae

I love this poem so much that I am now following this blog. I’ll bet you will love this one as much as I did.
Tony R

Jennifer Calvert Author

6d33552de494f52e14b3eaa85442de28 Photo Courtesy of Pastels on Pinterest

Dressed in morning light,
Awash in colour and delight,
Of coral tones and peachy cream,
Captured in internal new,
Blessed and bloomed,
Blighted and besieged,
By the wrath of sunlight,
Of darling buds and mauve mae,
Eyes wide in wake,
Silver and violet dream,
She brings spring.

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