Power up in the morning

Another weapon for living healthy is the smoothie. I know that many people have sworn by these things for a long time but I have just become a new customer of the smoothie.

I had mentioned to my wife a few times that I thought I would like to get one of those Ninja blenders and try some smoothies. Unknown to me she decided to get me one for my birthday since I am notorious for not knowing what I want. So she surprised me with it and I decided that I would start making a smoothie breakfast that would be fast for me and nutritious.

smoothie in a glass
Awesome breakfast

It has been a week now and I have decided that I feel much better than I did just a week ago. I have more energy and my stomach bothers me much less than it did before. (undiagnosed IBS and/or food allergies).

I have also decided that I will publish one recipe a week on here so that I can share my success with others. I will keep those recipes a week behind me so that I am not publishing any that I have not tried myself. So join me each week here to try each new smoothie and we will drink ourselves to a healthier lifestyle together.

Tony R


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