In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “If You Leave.”

The last thing that I thought of leaving was my job. I have been working this job for twenty years and to say the least, I am sick of it. However it does pay the bills but no more.

So after much delegation I finally said, “Lord if you want me to go then open the door and give me peace about it, if not then keep them closed and show me your will.”

So far I have put in for one job but I haven’t heard anything from them yet but it hasn’t been that long.

The more that I study my situation the more that the Lord is putting it on my heart that I need to change my life and not my job. Those are always the toughest answers to hear. It is so much easier to just drop a bad situation, of your own making, and go start again than it is to tough it out and straighten what you have messed all up.

Tonight I decided to start making those tough decisions that will start to get me back on track. Putting the Lord’s will for my life ahead of my own. Not doing that is the thing that has gotten me in the financial mess that I am in now.

I still think that leaving is an option but leaving a mess behind is not. Get the mess straight first or you will just go somewhere else and make another mess. I believe that is the message that the Lord is trying to get through to me.

And through this post I realize that the last thing that I thought of leaving was not the job but the mess that I need to clean up in my life.

Life's Highway
Life’s Highway

That’s life’s highway

Tony R


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