Awesome inspiration for prayer. Read through and find the many reasons that God’s word tells us we should pray.
Tony R


church-red doorsPrayer is perhaps the greatest Christian privilege and perhaps the greatest Christian failure.

I think most Christians would agree that we all need to learn more about prayer and pray more often. So why then don’t we?

Let’s face it—we have some prayer hang-ups.

One major reason we don’t pray better than we do, is that we have questions which lead to uncertainty. Uncertainty affects our faith which in turn affects our prayer life.

Last week we established that prayer requires faith and how to grow in our faith.

(See last post:

One of the questions that can affect our faith is:

Why should we pray in the first place if God already knows everything, including what we’ll ask Him for?

A problem with this line of questioning is it diminishes the purpose of prayer to a simple means to get God to do what we want.


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