We sure need to learn this lesson in America. If we don’t learn it soon we may lose our opportunity.
Tony R

Simple Living Over 50

grpCommunityToo many people today sit around and complain about the role our government is playing in our society here in America. They are not happy with so many things from poverty, homelessness, our health care system, mental illness, gangs and violence on the streets and earning a fair wage for work. The problem I see is that they don’t understand the true nature of government in a free nation. Their is a hierarchy that must be followed to make change happen and it always starts with yourself.

1. Yourself
2. Community
3. City/Town
4. County
5. State
6. Country

Whatever positive change you would like to see must start with the person you look at in the mirror each day. If you see the same problems in the mirror then change must start there. What are you doing to make your community a better place? Do you even know the…

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