Guys don’t miss this. It is a very interesting and talented poem.
Tony R


My name is Andrew Barber and I am an insomniac!

As a tired sun melts into an endless horizon and Azure skies are lost to fire – the fall of darkness brings peace to the noise of daily life. If only peace were enough to bring the relief of sleep.

I have seen the sun rise before my eyes have closed; the dawn chorus is my lullaby and not my morning call to rise. Were I a farmer I would milk the cows before going to my bed and breakfast is best served at noon.

Each night, the house and I, we talk. For the creek of a door and even the shrinking floor, all have voice. I turn and turn again, but the bed, once so soft, is now of rock – hard beneath my skin!

Softly and in whispers – the wind beckons to those who would defy…

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