No doubt about this one. I am so going to be following this blog.
Tony R

Amy Lou Blogs

Well now, isn’t that the most complicated question? At some point or another everyone comes to a point where they find themselves thinking about who they are, who they grew up to be. I’m certainly not the person I thought that I would be when I was younger. I was so sure that my life would go down a certain path but when I got there it just was not what I expected.

So who am I now? I’m opinionated, more so than most people. I’m sarcastic beyond all sense and reason. I like things my own way, but I’ve learned to compromise. I’m honest (most of the time) and nothing makes me angry like being lied to. I’m protective of the people who matter to me and I would do anything for them. Not all my personality traits are good but that’s okay. It’s okay to just be unapologetically…

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