In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Express Yourself!.”

Although I love music, I can’t sing. Although I love to dance, I have two left feet. I have never tried to sculpt and I don’t have the patience to paint but I have found that I love to write or should I say type.


I like to take a topic that someone has written about and turn it inside out to see if I come to the same conclusion as the writer or will I find that I have a different perspective to share with everyone. Most often I will see something that the original writer did not. Perhaps he did but chose to go at it from another angle. Whichever may be the case I do so enjoy doing that.

However I have found that I also enjoy taking a topic that is either offered to me or I pull it out of my own imagination and expand on it. Not sure if it is writing that I like so much or just twisting a thing inside out to see what it is made of that is so enjoyable to me. Perhaps they are the same thing.

Tony R


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