In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Our House.”

In my earliest memories I’m not sure just how old I was but I was still wearing diapers and I wasn’t in school yet. My baby sister who is 3 years younger than me wasn’t born yet so I hadn’t met my favorite playmate. However that did mean that I had Mom all to myself and that was a time that I will cherish all the days of my life.

Funny thing is that until I started writing this I hadn’t realized just how much that time with my Mom alone had meant to me. Sure it was always one of my fond memories but once I put that memory in my mouth and savored the flavor of it I feel the tears in my eyes and the tightness in my chest that lets me know that I had repressed the deep love that I felt during that time with my Mom. I am compelled to call my Mom and let her know just how much that time meant to me then and how much that memory still means to me now.

I remember sitting at the table watching my Mom peal potatoes for supper and salting a raw one for me to eat and I sure did love them. Crunch Crunch. 🙂


We lived in a trailer near a residential road. I remember that we had a long wooden porch built on the front of the trailer that was painted brick red. Once my Mom sent off for a stuffed frog that I wanted. It was Dig’um from the Sugar Smacks cereal commercial for those who remember him. However, I wasn’t satisfied that his name should be Dig’um so my Mom asked me what I thought his name should be and I told her that his name should be Calvin. So with a crayon my Mom helped me to write the name Calvin across his hat.


That was a long time ago but I am glad to say that I was a happy child and it’s not just because I was a happy child but it is also because I was blessed with parents that were willing to show their love for me in very tangible ways. So never stop showing your children how much you love them no matter how young they are. You never know just how much you impact their lives even when they are very young.

Tony R


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