In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Too Soon?.” There is no doubt that anything can be funny but once we make something funny can it be made serious again? For instance. Humor is something that I feel we were endowed with by our creator for the protection of our minds. There are many times that I would go stark raving mad if I were not able to laugh at the situation. That is because laughter removes seriousness from a thing, person, or situation. Before deciding to grace any one of those with humor be sure that you want that thing to be funny.

If you laugh at your wife because she is forgetful does it become a sore spot or weakness for her. Will she start to feel as though she does not measure up to your standards?

If you find humor in someone else’s bad situations do you cease to feel compassion for their situation?

Finally, if you find humor, however innocent, in things that are connected to God or his word, do you become less respectful of Him?

I look around in the world today (especially here in America) and I see people and comedians laughing at things that were once held so dear and so sacred. I watch children that have no boundaries and no fears and I wander if we should stop all of the laughing and learn how to cry again.

Sorry to be so deep but it is my passion.

Great question.

Tony R


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