Ever Been Hounded by a Hound on a New Ride?

Have you ever decided to take a new riding route that you were really jazzed about only to find Fido the mutt standing in your way of having a nice ride? I have and I agree with you that it is an awful experience.

I have gone on rides that I had been looking forward to for months only to have two giant beautiful yellow labs come running out of the yard after me. It sent terror through me and all I could think was how am I going to get past those two coming back.

Since my experience I have done some studying on how other riders have learned to deal with the dog situation.

Dog Attack
Dog Attack

The First Step

You should know that dogs are territorial by nature. So keep in mind that they are not likely to chase you very far.

The Second Step

You should know that dogs like to come up from behind you and try to nip at your ankles. The fact that they are coming from behind you does give you a little head start to try and out sprint them.

The Third Step

You should know that in some cases dogs are focused on attacking your bicycle in much the same way that they attack a car. This means that they are going for the front tire. Usually instead of biting it they end up under it and dumping you over the handle bars. So be prepared to slow or dart away from him if he seems to be doing this.

The Fourth Step

Some people have other techniques that they like to try at this point. For me, if the dog is getting to close and I don’t seem to be making a good escape I go ahead and unclip my feet from the pedals. If he is not a large dog and starts to nip at my heals I will kick him right in the top of the nose. When dogs run and try to reach to bite they are a little front heavy. If you kick them in the top of the nose they will role heals overhead. Tried and proven.

If this is a large dog I will go ahead and dismount on the opposite side of the bike from the dog. Keeping the bike between me and the dog. Many times the dog seems to lose interest as soon as you are off of the bike.

Lastly you should realize that if this dog chases you even after you have dismounted, then he means to hurt you and you should feel the same way about him. Use your bike as a weapon or use pepper spray. Never kick because they are quicker than you and will most likely catch your foot with their mouth. If they get ahold of your leg you should have no mercy and go for their eyes. I promise they will let you go then. This sounds harsh but it is better than being maimed for life.

After any near attack I recommend that you let the animal services know that there is an unleashed dog and where he is so that they can take action. I don’t recommend confronting the owners as they are often aggressive about their dogs. If they cared they would have had the dog in a fence or on a leash to begin with.

If you are bitten by any dog you should at once go to medical services and give them the address of the dog that bit you so that he can be quarantined to insure that there is no signs of rabies.

Pepper spray is a good weapon for fighting most dogs but never try to spray it on the dog while riding as you may inadvertently spray yourself, spray into the wind and it blows back onto you, or just wreck trying to spray it.

That’s all for now. See you on the road.

Tony R


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