Who needs a spare tire and a pump on a bike ride?

I rode for years without a spare tire, pump, or any tools with me. I never had the first problem. I have ridden 100 mile rides with no tools of any kind. Everyone else had their tools and made like I should have tools but why did I need them? That was for those guys that had to have all of the right stuff. All of the right gear to be like the other guys that they hung around with and rode with.

The ride

I didn’t ride for several years and last year I decided to pick it up again and started getting back into shape. After about six or eight months I decided to set out on my first fifty mile ride sense I started back to riding. Ten miles out in the middle of nowhere I began to feel bump eddy bump and my stomach sank.

I had taken the day off in the middle of the week so everyone that I know was at work, including my wife. I called my Mom but she was waiting on someone to come to her house and couldn’t come pick me up for about two hours. I walked about eight miles and I assure you that it was a lot more fun riding them than it was walking them.

The first place that I visited before my next ride was my local bike shop to by a new tire to put on and a new tire, tube, and pump to carry on the bike with me.

Learn from my lesson. Don’t get caught in the middle of nowhere just because you are hardheaded like me. Here is a great video that will show you exactly how its done. If it is a back tire do take a minute to look at how the chain goes around the gears. Its not that hard but you can get confused your first time. I did. I was surprised how easy it was when I did mine. You will be too. Because sooner or latter you will have to.



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