Diabetes and cycling

Diabetes has definitely become a plague in the United States today. It is estimated that somewhere in the neighborhood of 29 million Americans have diabetes today (Reference). The worst part of that is that many of these Americans are under the age of twenty years old.

Weapons we can use against Diabetes

The number one Weapon that we have for fighting diabetes is a healthy diet filled with protein and lacking in carbs and fast food. We need to have some carbs in our diet but they should be offset by more protein. That protein is best derived from vegetables but protein from fresh caught seafood as well as chicken and other lean meats are good also (Reference). Our children have become fast food junkies and there is no sign of them getting any better any time soon. It is a popular understanding that bread is not good for you and that is pretty much true. However many people with this understanding think that they can buy a cheese burger from one of the popular fast food restaurants, take the bread off and it is ok. NO! The meat that is on that sandwich is worse than the bread. Studies show that consuming processed meats increase your risk of diabetes by 19 percent not to mention what it does for heart disease statistics (Reference). It takes a little longer to prepare your own food but the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.
The second weapon that we have against diabetes is exercise. Diabetes attacks every organ in your body as you get older. One of the biggest ways that it does this is by destroying your arteries and veins. At first it’s not the big arteries but the small arteries that feed oxygen to your tissues. In this way it kills your organs layer by layer until they no longer function.
Diabetes does affect your heart and larger arteries in much the same way. However your arteries, unlike your organs, have to flex in order to work. The effects that this process has on your arteries is that they begin to harden and no longer flex. Then when the blood tries to flow through the shrunken hard arteries they split causing, depending on where they are, a stroke or a heart attack.
By staying active and maintaining regular exercise, along with a healthy diet, you can help to maintain your arteries and veins health. One of the best ways to do that is to cycle. Cycling maintains continues blood flow through your circulatory system and sends lots of extra blood and oxygen to your organs which helps them to stay young and healthy.
Many exercises are not good for your knees, ankles, and internal organs because of the constant pounding they take such as when you jog or run. Unlike running or jogging, riding a bike provides very little trauma to your knees, ankles, organs or any other part of your body while still providing all of the benefits that any other exercise provides. Many doctors, for that reason, recommend riding to their old patients but why wait till you are older. Start while you are young and benefit from a lifetime of riding your bicycled.


So if you are interested in riding give it a try. It’s fun, good for your health, and you will never know what you are missing until you get out there.


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