New to bike riding? Are you struggling to fit in with the experienced cyclist in your area? Don’t. If you do a little lite reading on the subject and get out there and start riding you’ll figure it out all in good time. Try out some of the riding techniques that you read about on the web and see which ones work for you. Know that it will take time before you are riding like one of the pro’s but I promise if you do it and don’t try so hard to be one of those guys then you will soon find that it is not about being one of those guys but it is about the love of the sport itself and the experience that you have when riding through some small unknown town that you would have never seen otherwise.

Ways to learn about riding

Reading riding magazines, reading about riding on the web, and buying books about riding are some very good ways of finding out about riding and riding techniques but the best way to find out about riding…………….

Ask someone that rides. All of the cyclist that I ride with and have come in contact with during the time that I have been riding love nothing more than to tell someone about what they love, riding. Just like anywhere else there are some riders that are stuck up and think that if you don’t ride just the right bike or if you are not bone skinny you don’t fit in but please don’t let people like that get you down. There are many more that are just the opposite. You don’t have to do any of that to be a good cyclist.

What you have to have to get started riding

Obviously you have to have a bike to ride. If you are just starting out and you’re not yet sure that riding is for you then I recommend that you rent a bike from a bicycle rental service and try it out.

I worn you up front that it does take time and work to get into riding shape. However, contrary to what some riders may tell you, it is not all about loosing weight. You don’t have to be pencil thin to ride. I am sure that it would be easier to ride up a hill at 160 pounds as apposed to 275 pounds but I wouldn’t know because that is how much I weigh. I have seen some little skinny guys that couldn’t keep up with me going up hills. It is about strength, riding technique, and lung and heart conditioning.

As with any sport safety should come first. Whether you are road riding or trail riding you should always have on the appropriate riding apparel. I can’t stress enough that you should wear a helmet. Knee pads and elbow pads I would recommend more for trail riding and gloves are a good ideas for both but especially for road riding because it helps cushion your hands against the handle bars and gives your wrist some support as well.

The number one thing that you have to have to get started riding is the desire to ride. If you really have the bug to ride then nothing or no one will stop you. Don’t let them.

That’s all for now. See you on the road.

Tony R.


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