First and foremost I love cycling for the freedom that I feel when I’m out on the road. Just me and the bike I’m riding. I feel this feeling most when I am road riding but I still enjoy an occasional romp on a good trail with a trail bike.


There are many health benefits to riding regularly. It has been proven to increase circulation, weight control, and helps to reduce high blood pressure. You should however get cleared by your doctor before you start any knew exercise routine.


There are great social benefits to cycling as well. It seems that any bike ride containing more than two bicycles becomes a social event. Cyclist will come from all around the country to ride in any popular event such as the Claxton’s Cruisin in the Country. This was my first really organized ride and I will never forget it. It was the first time that I had ridden 100 miles on my bike. There were rest stops about every ten to twelve miles with all kinds of refreshments and Gator Aid a plenty. There is also what is known as SAG patrol which looks out for the welfare of all of the riders in the ride to ensure their wellbeing. You don’t however have to ride 100 miles to do this ride. They have marked off for you 25, 50, and 75 mile markers as well.


So take it from me, get you a bike and get out there enjoying all of the sunshine, exercise, and meeting new interesting people that your little heart can stand. Life is good live it good with biking.


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